90mm Ducting System

90mm System for larger properties and the preference for Passivhaus Builds

If sufficient space is available throughout the property, the 90mm (76Ø ID) system can be used instead of the 75mm system.

This can provide lower air velocity which will decrease noise potential, reduce energy consumption and require less ducting in some instances.

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Advantages of our 90mm HDPE System

The 90mm system can potentially reduce the amount of smaller ducting required in a property by having a larger internal area for the air to pass through.

If longer runs are required from manifolds or distribution boxes, then this system would be recommended to keep the overall system pressure to a minimum and not have any detrimental effect on the performance of the MVHR unit.

Plenums and manifolds within our 90mm system are carefully designed to cause less resistance on the system, and combined with extremely high air tightness, can allow the MVHR to operate more efficiently and quieter.

The HDPE pipe is Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Static like its smaller alternative, and just as easy to use over the push fit connections on the 90mm system components.

90mm is also the favoured size for Passivhaus properties thanks to its lower velocity at the required airflows needed to meet Passivhaus guidance.

CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest

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CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest