75mm Ducting System

A unique pre insulated 75mm system with simplicity and efficiency built in!

Our pre-insulated 75mm (63Ø ID) ducting system has components manufactured from Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP) that has a low thermal conductivity.

This allows your MVHR unit to operate at a higher thermal efficiency, and with the unique design, they create low system pressure enabling the MVHR to have a high operational efficiency too.

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Advantages of our 75mm EPP System

There are many things to consider when specifying a ventilation system, and even more when it comes to heat recovery. With our 75mm EPP system, it can remove some of the uncertainty when specifying or installing with its low pressure drops and pre insulated components.

An efficient design is the key to seeing the full benefit of any MVHR system, and with our 75mm components, the operational and thermal performance can be a welcome improvement over any other system. The connections on the spigots on each component provide class leading air tightness, requiring less fan speed to get the air through the system.

The radial type of system is different from the traditional ‘branch’ system as it has already eliminated the possibility of cross-talk through the system by using a manifold directly off the MVHR unit, then separating into multiple smaller 75mm pipes which are fed to each room requiring airflow.

The HDPE used with this system is anti-bacterial and anti-static, and with the 75mm external diameter, it can be fed through small voids, and even down through standard 88mm stud work to minimise any boxing in requirements.

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CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest