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Here you can see a selection of projects we have completed, or are currently on site with.

We are fortunate to get to work on so many amazing properties, so this is our space to showcase them to you. We would love to have your property or project in here, so please get in touch to see how we can help.

CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest

Enfield Project - Newquay

MVHR system designed, installed and commissioned by CV HVAC in this stunning property in Cornwall.

A Zehnder Q450 MVHR with Pre Heater, along with our 75mm pre insulated manifolds and plenums, and of course the anti-bacterial and anti-static HDPE ducting. During this install, there was a height restriction in the downstairs area where we had planned to install our 230mm deep manifolds, but a 10mm shortfall meant we had to source alternatives from one of our leading suppliers to overcome this and continue with the installation.

Our pre-insulated EPP Ducting was used to connect up the atmosphere sides of the MVHR to the roof terminals, keeping a continuous thermal barrier between these points.

System commissioned once the occupants had moved in, the Zehnder MVHR is operating comfortably and efficiently, with air being distributed and extracted with the wonderful Zehnder Luna air valves.

CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest

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CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest