What is MVHR?

The healthy ventilation solution for your home

MVHR ventilation systems are a whole house system providing fresh, filtered air into your home, whilst extracting stale and humid air out. 

At the heart of the system is a heat exchanger, allowing up to 95% of the extracted heat to be recovered back into the home.

Having the ability to recover the heat that is usually expelled from a property, MVHR can have a huge positive impact on your energy bills thanks to much less requirement for additional heating capacity. Alongside this, the air coming into your home is filtered to ensure you have fresh air at all times.

This alone will greatly reduce allergens in the home and reduce the impact on illnesses such as Asthma or other respiratory problems. With any continuous ventilation system, the possibility of mould growth is either greatly reduced or eliminated. This also has numerous health benefits to occupants, as well as the home itself by keeping humidity levels around 50%-60% which is considered to be the perfect level to stop bacterial growth.

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CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest
CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest

Selecting an MVHR unit

We are proud to offer some of the leading brands of MVHR on the UK market, capable of providing a better indoor air quality for all sizes of property. Ranging from apartments and houses of all sizes, up to large apartment blocks and housing developments.

Some key factors to consider when selecting an MVHR unit:

We provide units from manufacturers such as Zehnder, Vectaire and other leading brands, with all of the above at the height of our considerations. From some of the most efficient and easy to control units available, you can be confident in our selection when you choose us to provide the MVHR for your project.

CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest
CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest

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CVHVAC, MVHR Systems, Commercial & Domestic, SouthWest